Cutting Edge Builders is a full service design/build firm with several unique advantages to offer our clients:

While many companies offer design services to some extent, with us you are working with a designer who is not only an owner but also a licensed master builder with years of hands on experience who understands the complexities of new and renovation construction.

As a builder with experience in both new construction and highly complex renovation, we can draw from our varied experience to problem solve and determine the best solutions in the design and estimating phases and better guide our clients through what can otherwise be a difficult or stressful experience.

Working closely with a client through the design and estimating phases begins to build the trust and relationship that are crucial to a successful new construction or renovation project.

When the design phase is complete and we move to the next phase of estimating, we have a complete understanding of the project allowing accuracy in our pricing, scope of work and eventually implementation.


After an initial meeting or phone call with a client to discuss their project, our process begins by signing a design/estimating agreement and collecting an initial deposit for the pre-construction phases (design and estimating). When you choose to contract with us for the implementation phase, we credit 100% of the estimating time toward the project. It is during this pre-construction process that the invaluable relationship and trust is built between us and the client.


We have found that for any project ranging from a simple deck or basement finish to a new home or whole house renovation to be the most successful and least stressful, the process begins with design. The design phase answers questions and provides clear understanding and direction for the client, us and our subcontractors. This phase includes all design time, face to face meetings, email correspondence, phone calls etc. The designer works closely not only with the client in this phase but also with the estimator/sales person and the project manager to make sure we are designing within the client's wishes and budget. When we have a final solution the client is thrilled with, we invoice any remaining costs associate with the design phase and then move to the estimating phase.


In the estimating phase the three owners work closely with the client and with each other to accurately estimate the costs of the project. Because the designer you have already worked with and built trust with is an owner, he is also integrally involved in the estimating phase. It is in this phase that we send the design to our sub contractors to get pricing. Site visits may be necessary to insure full understanding and accuracy. We keep the client updated and present options throughout this phase. When the estimate is complete we invoice for any remaining costs associated with the estimating phase and set a date to meet with the client for the review phase.


Once we have all the pricing, we are ready for the review phase where we present a formal proposal to the client. At this point, we have had enough ongoing interaction with the client that we are meeting primarily to go over final details, review the specifications and scope of work, introduce the project manager (whom the client has probably already met in the pre-construction phases) and discuss and sign the contract which will define the relationship for the next phase.


It is during the implementation phase that we begin work on the project. The project manager (also an owner) who has been kept in the loop through the design and estimating phases is now on site supervising. He is in close contact daily with the estimator and designer to insure we are implementing per the design, specifications and scope of work. Often the designer will be on site as well as he has the most in depth knowledge of the design.


When the implementation phase is complete, your home is ready for you to enjoy. The final and very important phase in our process is the warranty phase. While the contract specifies an official one year warranty period, we like to consider our clients as lifelong clients. We stand behind our work and will work with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with us and our work as long as they live in their home.


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